How Is The Cartier Ballon Bleu Rose Gold 33mm Replica Watch Workmanship?

Cartier watches can be said to be one of the best in the luxury watch industry. Cartier watches have both advanced watchmaking technology and stylish design, which is in line with the fashion positioning of many consumers. Because of this, Cartier watches almost cover a lot of consumer groups concerned about fashion. However, speaking of Cartier watches, everyone’s favorite series is the Ballon Bleu. Next, let’s take a look at the workmanship of this replica Cartier Blue Balloon rose gold 33mm watch.

The dial surface of this rose gold Cartier replica watch is clear, and its texture is a rose pattern. The watch hands are made of burnt steel blue, which is very consistent with the real product. The literal printing is full without gaps, not only the fullness of the Roman scale but also the perfect reproduction of the small real dots below the scale. Only mature production technology can make such a perfect process.

The case of this replica Cartier watch is made of stainless steel, and its grooved crown is inlaid with a convex synthetic spinel. Judging from the details of the silver-plated carvings, Roman numerals, sword-shaped hands, and sapphire mirror of this replica Cartier watch, it is very similar to the genuine one. These details show the superb technology of the production process and also attributed to the 1: 1 replica of the authentic Cartier watch.

The mirror surface on the watch mirror has a fish-eye effect, but its transparency makes it possible to view the dial from any angle, and the dial scale and texture can still be seen. This replica Cartier watch has a small bezel ring on the side of the crown, and the internal polishing is smoother and shinier. The spinel on the head of a genuine watch is deep and transparent dark blue through the light. And this replica Cartier watch embodies an intense and looming feeling, which is fantastic for the color treatment of the spinel on the head.

This replica Cartier Blue Balloon also uses the genuine mode of brushing and polishing on the strap. The folding clasp is also processed by the brushing process, making the lines straight and the surface smooth. The inside of the buckle is engraved with a font laser to make it have a three-dimensional texture. Such perfect craftsmanship, are you still unimpressed?