Why is the Replica Cartier Watch so popular and sell well?


The “Ballon Bleu Blue Balloon” referred to by Replica Cartier Watch is not a balloon in the general concept, but is derived from the first human aircraft – the Montegofel blue hot air balloon. In 1783, a blue hot air balloon embroidered with gold in the Palace of Versailles in France slowly rose in the exclamation of King Louis XVI and everyone, flying for eight minutes. This is the famous “Monte Goffer Hot Air Balloon”. The inventor, the Brother Montgolfier, worked in the paper industry in Lyon, France. When they saw shredded paper flying on a campfire, they created the idea of using hot air to make flying objects. In 1783, they successfully developed the world. The first hot air balloon created a great history of human attraction and exploration of the vast sky.

The blue hot air balloon embroidered with gold patterns rose slowly in the exclamation of King Louis XVI and everyone.

Therefore, the name Montegolfre blue hot air balloon symbolizes eternal innovation in France, represents the way of thinking above the daily embarrassment, and also contains profound French culture, and these are the essence of Cartier Imitation.

Replica Cartier Watch Blue Balloon Series Watch

Roman numerals, checkered dials, sword-shaped hands, 18K gold straps… At first glance, blue-balloon watches with many logos seem to be more traditional, but with a glimpse of it, there is a great deal of glory – breaking through the traditional oversized convexity. The sapphire, which forms a distinctive crown, is reminiscent of the historic blue balloon; its precious metal shield is like a metal dome that protects the mysterious sapphire satellite.

Under the wonderful optical effect, the number in the arched sapphire crystal mirror is enlarged. And the time also shows the interest of deformation; the unique shape of the crown makes the Roman numerals of the round surface deviate from the conventional track. So that the “circle” is no longer It is a “circle”. And it seems to be free from the restraint of gravity. It is free and agile. The streamlined three-dimensional case has a circular arc on the front and back. Replica Cartier Watch looks like a suspended wrist between the classical and futuristic. From a distance, the jewel of the Replica Cartier Watch family has just emerged as a rising star, illuminating the universe of time.

What is the inspiration for the church-shaped pointer?

The church needle, the French name CATHEDRALE, is common in the design of Sven or square watches. This is a block pointer from the clock tower of the Gothic church in Europe. Beginning in the 12th century, the clumsy and quaint, ancient Roman architecture symbolizing the absolute authority of religious status began to no longer appeal to the church but instead replaced Gothic architecture characterized by high, straight and pointed. For a time, the church was a sacred spiritual minaret that blossomed throughout the Western European continent.

This kind of religious thought that has been abandoned and left to the world has been going on for two centuries. Even on the bell tower of the church, the slender clock hands are also the first creative table with short horizontal lines and tops.

Nowadays, the vertical pens of various church-shaped hands in watches are not conclusive, high or low

Diamonds are also of different sizes, and the flat 90-degree rhomboid is the most full-bodied basic shape. In addition to an acute angle of about 75 degrees. diamond. Because of the rich historical humanity conveyed by the church needle. Many Replica Cartier Watch vintage watches or Replica Cartier Watch commemorative watches have chosen church needles. In 1920, Audemars Piguet produced a three-question calendar without a pocket watch.

Nearly 90 years later, this historic watch was re-enacted by the watchmaker and re-launched with the TRADITION CLASSIQUE collection. Also loved the church needle is Replicas Cartier, which is also favored by many women for its elegant design, the blue steel church pointer on the dial is slender and timeless.